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Red Sea Trace Colors B Potassium+ Supplement - 500ml

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Potassium and Boron supplement that promotes the Red colors in corals

K | B

POTASSIUM+ Supplement is part of the complete range of complementary major, minor and trace element complexes which together provide the needs of corals. POTASSIUM+ Supplement contains potassium and boron that are associated with many biological processes, one of them being the production of the red pigments in the soft tissue of corals.

Potassium plays an essential role in the transportation of coral nutrients within the soft tissue (including the nutrients provided by the zooxanthellae). Potassium and boron significantly affect the alkalinity of a coral’s soft tissue and the formation of aragonite in its skeleton. Potassium is related to the red chromo-proteins.

For best results in displaying coral colors use Red Sea’s NO3: PO4– X.

Aquarium Type Average daily usage per 100L(25gal)
Mixed Reef 3ml 0.3ml
SPS Frag 6ml 0.6ml
SPS Dominant 4ml 0.4ml
Ultra Low nutrient SPS 2ml 0.2ml


1ml will raise the Potassium level of 100 liters (25 gal) by 1.75ppm.

Package size/volume:

500 ml (16.9 fl. Oz.)

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