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Clean Water For Life

Five-stage filtration to keep your family healthy

Better Filtration,
Better Testing,
Better Water.

Want pristine water? Start with an easy-install five-stage filtration system. We’ll test your water down to the parts per billion and send detailed results. You’ll know exactly how your filter is helping you and your family.

A Better Way To Track Results

Download the ICP Analysis app to get all of your results in one place

Check your test status, compare results, and get personalized recommendations with the ICP Analysis app.

It’s a building block of life. Make it clean.

40% Off Your Filter

Get nearly half off your filtration system when you subscribe to quarterly filter replacements and water testing. Every three months, we’ll send you a new test kit and two new filters.

How it works





Install Your Filter

An RO/DI five-stage filtration system sounds intimidating, but if you can change a toilet seat or a shower head, you can hook this up too.

Test Your Water

We’ll send you the most comprehensive water testing kit on the market. Just fill up the vial and send it in to see how your filter is doing.

No Guesses. Just Results.

We test your water down to the parts per trillion and give you thorough results by element. We’re confident the results will speak for themselves.

Drink Clean Water

You deserve healthy, great-tasting water. And the peace of mind? Not so bad, either.

Get Clean Water For Life