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What’s in Your Water?

Time for some peace of mind.

Know Your Risk With ICP’s Mass Spec Water Test

Our tests have unparalleled accuracy so you know exactly what’s in your water. Nothing else on the market comes close.

Easy Results With ICP Analysis App

Tap through your water test results and personalized recommendations on an intuitive mobile app. Available on web, iOS, and Android.

Two Free Water Tests

Subscribe to quarterly filter replacements and get two free water tests on us, every time. You’ll get a 40% discount on our RO/DI filtration system, too. Not bad.

How It Works





Sample Your Water

We’ll send you a vial to fill up. Dunk it, seal it, and put it back in the package.

Send Us Your Sample

Send the test back to us (free of charge, of course) and we’ll test down to the parts per billion with a mass spectrometer for extremely high precision. Overkill? We prefer “safe.”

Get a Thorough Report

We’ll send you a vial to fill up. Dunk it, seal it, and put it back in the package 3.

Take a Sip

What’s better? Pristine drinking water, or the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s pristine? We’ll let you decide.

Drink Safe. Never Compromise.