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Know what’s in your water

Since we care about water and the accuracy of the data that we are providing, we are doing what other people do not do. We are going to tell what our instrument’s detection levels are. Since most people do not know what that means, let’s define it so it is simple to understand. Detection limits are the smallest amount of the element being tested that the ICP can see. For example, in a Fresh Water sample, we can find Calcium, Ca, at 3.349 ppb. That means we can tell you how much Calcium is in your water down to 3.3 parts per billion.

Fresh Water


A Better Way To Clean Water

Check your water using the most accurate test kit on the market. Then, install the RO/DI filtration system and track your results on our app. We'll send new tests and filters every 3 months to guarantee pristine, safe water for you and your household.