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Getting your water test kit results for the first time?

ICP Analysis — the tool leveraged by EPA regulators — is the only elemental water testing kit that ensures
optimal levels of all trace elements in your water.

That means cleaner, clearer, healthier water for your home, office, or aquarium. By simply filling a tube
and sending it to us, you can discover how to get artesian spring-quality water flowing from your faucets.

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Your water test kit dashboard

Here's what you'll see in your water results dashboard:

  • Detailed Elemental Concentrations including arsenic, lead, iodine, calcium, and chlorine in parts per billion (ppb) and parts per million (ppm)
  • Notifications of low, high, or optimal trace element levels
  • See multiple test results
  • Comparisons with natural artesian spring water sources, like Fiji

Don’t Wait —

Find out what's in your water

You won’t know what toxins are in your drinking and washing water until you start checking your water test kit dashboard.

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