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How it works

Learn our cutting-edge method to analyze and correct your water

What’s Involved?

ICP stands for Inductively Coupled Plasma, a method we use to analyze your water.

We also use optical emission spectroscopy (OES) and mass spectrometry (MS) in the water-testing process, depending on the application.

To test your water, we inject a sample of your water into a plasma chamber that is 5000+ degrees, which allows us to analyze the elements in your water.

We send the results and recommendations right to your account portal on our website so you can correct your water.

Before you know it, you’ll have cleaner, healthier water sources for all of your home or business needs.

Lab-Grade Operating Standards

We only operate on certified lab-grade quality standards (ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 17025:2005, and ISO Guide 34:2009).

We also conduct all water testing and corrections with batch homogeneity, which means we test and correct water sources for both short- and long-term stability.

How Does It Work?

Our methods are over one thousand times more accurate and effective than traditional solutions. Standard water test kits can miss critical toxins in your water, but ICP tests for more compounds with a higher degree of accuracy.

We inject your water sample into a 10,000-degree plasma chamber. It splits the water into its component elements, which we can detect up to one part per trillion — giving you unrivaled precision in your results.

Water Calibration

We use a four-point calibration curve for everything we analyze.

While many tests are accurate only down to the parts per million (ppm), our tests are accurate down to the parts per trillion (ppt). This means you receive results that are far more accurate and insightful than traditional methods.

We purchase the individual elements we test for and set up four-point calibration for each of them, ensuring that our machine will give the most precise results possible.


Before testing your water sample, we run a control check.

We run a known sample through the ICP machine to make certain everything has been calibrated correctly and that all results will be pinpoint accurate.