ICP-MS Analysis Instructions

  1. Thanks for choosing ICP-Analysis for your atomic spectroscopy needs, please download our ICP-Analysis App via Apple app store or google play store to get started.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app please sign up or log in via Facebook or google sign in to register an account with us.
  3. After you have logged into your account please create a profile for every source water that you are sending out ex: Aquarium water, RO water, Tap water. By clicking on +new aquarium or +new faucet
  4. Once you have finish registering your samples profile you will press on the new test tab located on the top left of the app under the Beaker icon. It will then proceed to ask you if you have a QR code. Press yes and proceed to select the profile sample that you are testing.
    1. Please note every label will have QR codes specific for Salt water and RO water.
  5. After Scanning the QR code on your cell phone please confirm the final step of registering the QR code onto your sample. Afterward Please fill out the label and collect your sample onto our small 4ml vials. Afterwards attach the label to the plastic bag for the sample you are testing and place your sample in it.
  6. In the box you are provided with a return shipping label, Please attach the shipping label on top of the box and drop it off to your nearest local USPS
    1. Please record your tracking number that is at the bottom of the return shipping label to keep track of your samples location.
    2. Due to recent delay of transit time of USPS, please consider using different shipping method if your test requires urgent attention.
  7. Samples will be processed within one to two business days after it has been received by us. Customer will receive an email notification, once your result is available to view on your account.

Please contact us if you have any other question or complications; Phone number: (720)526-9177 email: results@icp-analysis.com