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Purified With Accuracy

The most accurate salt water test for clean, healthy aquariums

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About Our Salt Water Tests

Salt water tests for a positively happier aquarium

We offer the most accurate salt water tests on the market today. With unparalleled testing accuracy, you can be sure you are getting the purest water.

  • 1,000x more sensitive than ICP OES
  • Trace element dosing calculator
  • Accurate results down to PPT

TDS Meters Are Not Precise Enough

Traditional TDS meters don’t measure trace elements in water — only ppm. Harmful toxins to corals and your health are traced in ppb. Using a test that can detect low-ppb allows us to measure any toxic elements that could accumulate in our system before mixing the salt water.

ICP analysis uses a mass spectrometer to achieve the highest degree of accuracy. It measures the mass-to-charge ratio of the ions, offering insightful and precise results that exceed traditional methods.

How It All Works

Learn how we analyze, correct, and offer insight for unparalleled water purity





Test Your Water

Using our easy-to-use home testing kit, send us your water sample. We’ll analyze it down to ppb levels and deliver you the most accurate and precise analysis available.

Install or replace your filter

A quick and simple install takes the dread out of filter replacements.

Track Your Results

Use our easy-to-navigate app to see your test analysis and recommendations.

Keep Your Water Fresh

Our expert recommendations ensure your aquarium has the water quality it needs.

Track Your Water With the ICP Analysis App

Use the app to dive into details or keep things simple with test results broken down by element. Then, get personalized recommendations to raise your water quality. We’ll remind you when to replace your filters so you can keep your water clean and clear.

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Keep Your Tank Safe. Never Compromise.