ICP Mass Spec WaterTest Kit

1000x more accurate than ICP OES Test Kits. Capable of detecting harmful trace elements down to parts per trillion (ppt).

Traditional Tests Miss Harmful Trace Elements

Traditional aquarium tests often overlook critical contaminants, potentially exposing your aquatic life to invisible dangers. Our ICP Mass Spec Test goes beyond the limitations of both TDS meters and ICP-OES, uncovering harmful trace elements that others miss. Ensure the utmost safety and balance for your aquarium with our unmatched precision and comprehensive analysis.

Track Your Results in App

Track your water test results effortlessly with our cutting-edge app, designed to offer personalized recommendations for maintaining safe element levels in your aquarium. Compatible with iPhone, Android, and accessible via the web, our app ensures you're always informed and prepared to provide the best care for your aquatic environment.

Stay ahead with real-time alerts and tailored dosing advice directly through our app. Whether you're at home or on the go, managing your aquarium's health has never been easier. Experience peace of mind knowing that expert guidance is just a tap away, helping you keep your water pristine and your aquatic life thriving.

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