Neptune Systems Aquabus Cable

Neptune Systems Aquabus Cable

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Aquabus is the communication link between your Apex and most of our modules.  The cable itself looks just like a USB cable, but it is not to be confused with a USB cable.  Connecting a computer or USB accessory, like your phone, to the Aquabus will likely result in damage to that accessory and possibly to the Apex.

There are two types of Aquabus cables.  One is for connecting Neptune Systems’ modules together and the other type is an extension cable. The Aquabus cables can be connected in any manner you wish— just don’t create a loop. You can daisy chain or use the connectors on your Energy Bar to make a star configuration.

Aquabus 15′ Extension Cable

This is a fifteen foot Male/Female Aquabus cable that is used as an extension cable.  So if you have a 3′ foot Aquabus cable that came with your PM2 and need to go 18′, then the 15′ extension cable is the perfect solution to make that 18′ distance possible.

Aquabus 30′ Cable

This is a thirty foot Male/Male Aquabus cable that connects one module to another or connects to an Aquabus extension cable.  This cable is intended to connect modules from one location to another.  It is not included with any of our products. This is a great solution when your filtration area or life support area is in a different location from your aquarium.

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