• Test Your Water

    Discover what's hiding in your water with our cutting-edge ICP Mass Spectrometry tests. Easy to use, our kits provide detailed insights for aquarium enthusiasts and homeowners alike. All you do is fill the vial. We’ll take care of the rest.

    1000x more accurate than ICP-OES.

  • Install Your Filter

    Choose from our high-quality RODI filtration systems that leverage nuclear and ultra grade DI Resins, ensuring the purest water quality. Whether it's for a large aquarium or your home drinking water, installation is straightforward, ensuring pure water without the hassle.

  • Track Your Results

    Empower your water management with our advanced app. Stay ahead with regular monitoring, expert advice, and actionable insights. Keep your aquatic ecosystem or home water supply in perfect balance, effortlessly. Available on Apple, Android, and Web.

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Purity Redefined

Elevate the standard of water at home and in your hobby.

  • Precision Testing: With state-of-the-art ICP Mass Spectrometry, we pinpoint even the most minute impurities.

  • Tailored Insights: Our detailed reports transform data into actionable steps, tailored specifically for your water's unique profile.

  • Unwavering Support: Our experts are just a drop away, ready to assist you in achieving the perfect balance in your water.
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  • Aquarium Mastery

    Perfect your marine sanctuary with our precise water testing kits. Navigate the complexities of aquarium care with ease, supported by our expert guidance and advanced ICP-MS technology.

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  • Home Water Purity

    Safeguard your family's health with our top-tier RODI filtration systems. Transform your tap water into a pristine source for drinking, water for your plants, and cooking.

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Explore the Depths of Water Testing

Unlock the Power of Precision with ICP Mass Spec

Dive into our latest feature and discover how ICP-MS water testing provides unparalleled accuracy and depth in water analysis. Learn what makes this method superior for both serious aquarium hobbyists and those vigilant about their drinking water quality.

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1 In 5 Americans Use Unsafe Water

63 million Americans were exposed to unsafe water in the last decade. Get peace of mind with a revolutionary system that makes every glass safe to drink, straight from the tap. Wether you're looking to improve your fresh water aquarium, saltwater aquarium or tap water, we've got you covered.

Our Mission

Poor water quality is an epidemic across the US, with water treatment plants going largely unchecked. Whether you want clean tap water for your family or want to maintain a healthy ecosystem in your aquarium, testing your water should be a regular part of guaranteeing you and your family’s safety. At ICP Analysis, we believe in helping everyone ensure their water is safe by offering the best-in-class water filtration, water testing, supplements and equipment.

We're here for every step

What test do I get?

For a first time user looking to test aquarium water, we reccomend our Starter Kit that tests for 13 common elements. This is great for those who do not need all 58 elements our full panel test covers. If you decide you need more information after reviewing your data, you can unlock the remaining 45 elements online via an in-app purchase with the dosing calculator.  

For a first time user looking to test tap water, we recommend our Mass Spec Fresh Water Test. This test covers 50 elements down to ppt (parts per trillion).

How long is the turnaround?

1. Register your sample inside the ICP-App.

2. Use the provided shipping label to ship it to our lab.

3. Results should be uploaded within 1-3 days of us receiving it.

What is my longterm solution?

The longterm solution for keeping your source water clean is by installing an RODI filtration system under your sink. Our Clean Water For Life Subscription includes an RODI filter along with two replacement filters and water tests, sent to you every 3 months. So you can sit back and relax.