ICP Application Announcement

We are very excited to announce that we are migrating from our current ICP application to a new  and improved ICP web application.  Our soon to be legacy system will be replaced by our new system today November 24, 2020.  You can reach the ICP application at https://watertest.icp-analysis.com/login  

We might experience downtime today as we are launching the new application.

Upon login of the application, you will be prompted to reset your password (this might go to your junk mail). The password reset will be sent to the email you use to login to your account.  From here, you can enjoy the ICP experience you have come to love (it will look very similar) however you will see improved usability and speed around the application. 

(IMPORTANT NOTE) If you are a mobile application user (Apple or Google store application), the ICP mobile app will be temporarily unavailable. We are launching our new web application first, with our mobile application launch following shortly after. 

Lastly, there are some new and improved features that you will soon experience in the application (Automated dosing information customized to your aquarium as well as several other exciting updates).   

-ICP Admin

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