Third Tank Under Way

Third Tank Under Way

We now have our 3rd tank set up at the owner's home for regular ICP testing. For now, the two tanks from our last post will be functioning more as a baseline comparison to see what happens when you do not make any adjustments to your tank. This tank at the owner's home will be regularly dosed with calcium, magnesium, and trace elements according to the ICP test results to closely resemble the same water levels as that of the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, we will be doing regular measurements of the corals to see what kind of growth we get with the ICP analysis monitoring and dosing, so you can look forward to those results soon!

So let's get to know the tank a little better shall we? This one is a beautiful Elos 120 gallon tank filled with SPS corals and equipped with a 3 Radion G4s, 2 EcoTech MP40s, KH Guardian, and a Vertex sump and skimmer. This tank is home to mostly acropora, but also maxima clam, a large duncan and an ORA red goniopora. Additionally, there are 3 gem tangs and a handful of other fish. Take a look here:


See Our Facility

Back in July we hosted Shawn Hale of Fritz Aquatics and his crew at our local store and they recorded a Facebook Live feed. If you're curious about the type of livestock and tanks we keep, you can watch the video here:

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