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Healthy Aquariums Need Healthy Water

Find the toxins your other tests missed

Protect Your Corals With Mass Spec Testing

TDS meters aren’t precise enough to catch silent killers like arsenic and other trace elements in your aquarium. Our mass spec tests look at parts per billion, so they catch everything from phosphorus to chlorine and arsenic.

Easy Results With ICP Analysis App

Tap through your water test results and get personalized recommendations on web, iOS, and Android.

Two Free Water Tests

Subscribe to quarterly filter replacements and get two free water tests on us, every time. You’ll get a 40% discount on our RO/DI filtration system, too. Not bad.

How It Works





Sample Your Water

Take a sample of your water to send back to us. The whole process takes under a minute.

Send Us Your Sample

Send the test back to us (free of charge, of course) and we’ll test down to the parts per billion for arsenic, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, and any other coral-killers.

Get Your Report

See concentrations of trace elements in your water and get critical insights into the health of your aquarium. We’ll even provide personalized recommendations to help you protect your corals.

Safeguard your tank

Enjoy a thriving aquarium safe from silent killers by removing dangerous trace elements at the source.

Keep Your Tank Safe. Never Compromise.