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The Most Accurate Water Test on The Market

It’s important to know just how clean your water is, and for that, there's no better way than our home water testing kits. Our water testing delivers results that are over one thousand times more accurate than traditional solutions. Many tests are accurate only down to the parts per million (ppm), but our tests are accurate down to the parts per trillion (ppt). While standard water tests can miss critical toxins in your water, ICP kits test for more compounds with a higher degree of accuracy. This means you receive results that are far more accurate and insightful than traditional methods. 

Our team of lab techs operate on certified lab-grade quality standards and conduct all water testing and corrections with batch homogeneity, which means we test and correct water sources for both short- and long-term stability.

Don’t take your water for granted. You depend on clean water for your health and home — we can tell you exactly what’s in it and what you can do about it.

Fresh Water

  • Guarantee clean water for you and your family
  • Test for lead, arsenic, and heavy metals
  • Detects 50+ elements
  • Accurate results down to PPT

Salt Water

  • Keep your fish and aquariums safe
  • 1,000x more sensitive than ICP OES
  • Trace element dosing calculator
  • Accurate results down to PPT

How It Works

Test Your Water

Send us your sample in our easy-to-use home test kit and we’ll handle the rest.

Read Results

Log in to our user-friendly dashboard to see the results of your test.

Correct Your Water

We’ll provide you with recommendations on how you can improve your water quality.

Easily Track Your Results

We believe that keeping your water safe should be simple — so to make it easier, we send the results and recommendations right to your phone. Download our app or log into your account through our website to get access to our custom tracking dashboard.

- Get readings on 50+ elements

- Track historical data on your water health

- Easily add multiple water sources to your account

- Get reminded when it’s time to test your water

Test Your Water