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Let's find out what's really in your water.

Fresh water testing

Water is essential. We need it to live and care for our homes, families, and businesses.

But do you really know what’s in your water?

We use water to prepare our meals, make our morning coffee, bathe, keep houseplants and gardens alive, and most importantly, stay hydrated.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of harmful toxins that can be found in well and city water that other tests cannot detect. This is why it’s so important to regularly test the quality of your home water and take steps to address any issues.

Our easy-to-use home water test provides unrivaled accurate results so you can be informed about what you and your family may be exposed to.

Saltwater testing

Saltwater aquariums and swimming pools come with their own unique needs for water quality. Trace elements in your water can have a large impact on the health of coral and rare fish, so make sure you’re giving them the care they need by testing the purity of your water.

How does it work?

Our methods are over one thousand times more accurate and effective than traditional solutions. Standard water test kits can miss critical toxins in your water, but ICP tests for more compounds with a higher degree of accuracy.

We inject your water sample into a 10,000-degree plasma chamber. It splits the water into its component elements, giving you unrivaled precision in your results.


Test Your Water

Send us your sample in our easy-to-use home test kit and we’ll handle the rest.

Read Results

Log in to our user-friendly dashboard to see the results of your test.

Correct Your Water

We’ll provide you with recommendations on how you can improve your water quality.